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How is the APRM organized? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Cornelia Amoah   
Thursday, 08 March 2012 07:02
  1.  Continental level

The APRM has THREE main bodies at the continental level
  • African Peer Review Forum (APR Forum)
    The APRM Forum is a Committee of participating Heads of State and Government of the member states of the African Union that have voluntarily acceded to the APRM. The Forum is the highest decision-making authority of the APRM
  • APR Panel of Eminent Persons (APR Panel)
    The APR Panel is a group of eminent persons from the continent which exercises oversight over the APRM process with a view to ensuring the independence, professionalism and credibility of the process
  • APRM Secretariat
    The Secretariat provides technical, coordinating and administrative support services to the APR Panel. The Secretariat is currently based in Midrand, South Africa.

     2.   National level

           At the country level the Focal Point is the contact point between the APR Panel/Secretariat and the Head of State or Government.
The Focal Point is established soon after a country accedes to the APRM and subsequently responsible for coordinating and managing the process at the country level. The Focal Point updates the Head of State or Government and other national level stakeholders on the national progress.
In Ghana the Focal Point is the National African Peer Review Mechanism – Governing Council.
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