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Written by Ms Cornelia Amoah (PAO)   
Monday, 05 October 2009 14:47
NATIONAL AFRICAN PEER REVIEW MECHANISM GOVERNING COUNCIL PREPARES TOWARDS GHANA’S 2009 ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT FOR THE AFRICAN UNION SUMMIT  The National African Peer Review Mechanism Governing Council has initiated the process of preparing Ghana’s 2009 Annual Progress Report. To do this, it is going out to ordinary people in the districts to gather information on how they have monitored and evaluated Governance issues based on the four thematic areas of the APRM, Democracy and Good Governance, Economic Governance and Management, Corporate Governance and Socio-Economic Development. The innovative aspect of the process is that the administration of questionnaire, collation and analysis of findings will be made by District Oversight Committees made up of ordinary citizens in the districts who are responsible for the dissemination of information and the creation of public awareness of the APRM.

Forty out of the 170 districts have been identified to participate in the exercise. The Governing Council will however pay a working visit to 20 selected districts in all the regions to hold workshops attended by stakeholders in the districts to validate draft reports prepared by the District Oversight Committees.

To make the findings useful to the districts, the reports will be tabled before each District Assembly to enable them to engage with their communities and to provide feedback on the views, solutions and problems identified by the citizens. This way, the process of preparing the report exemplifies a bottom-up democratic participation that ensures accountability, good governance and socio-economic development.This is the sure way to empower the people and deepen democracy in the country.Eventually, this people-owned, driven and managed process initiated in the communities will culminate in a National Validation Exercise to be attended by stakeholders from all over the country.It is the outcome of the National Validation Exercise that will form the basis of Ghana’s 2009 Annual Progress Report which will be presented by His Excellency the President to the next AU Heads of state Summit in January 2010.

Ghana is by this exercise setting the pace for the rest of Africa in deepening democratic governance and actualizing the vision to transform the old Africa of bad governance to the new Africa where popular participation and accountable governance reigns.